Toko-pa: The Unsplit-off Life

Click on the link to go to Toko-pa’s wonderful blog, which offers deep wisdom in beautiful, poetic language – this post is an excerpt from her upcoming book ‘On Belonging’, and speaks off what in ourselves/our lives we disown – often because we feel dislike/discomfort. We resonate with the line:-

‘Eventually we must take our life into our arms and call it our own’.

This bears a close resemblance to Rogers and others on acceptance – which is not about liking our experience (a frequent misinterpretation), but rather about fully and authentically receiving ourselves and our experiences in the moment, as we/they are (whether we like and rejoice in this, are filled with fear, discomfort or loathing, whatever our response may be).

As Toko-pa says, it is only on this road that we can heal, and expand into the selves we have it within ourselves to become……

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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