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‘When we dance,…

‘When we dance, we are free. To put it better, our spirit can travel through the universe, while our body follows a rhythm that is not part of the routine. In this way, we can laugh at our sufferings large … Continue reading

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Justina Pelletier Case Shows That Psychiatric Power is Out of Control: Ted Chabasinski

Justina Pelletier Case Shows That Psychiatric Power is Out of Control: Ted Chabasinski Disturbing article by Ted Chabasinski, with links to wider coverage of the subject matter. This is one more of many examples I have seen recently that disturb … Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller Reconsidered: John Christensen

Buckminster Fuller Reconsidered: John Christensen John Christensen’s essay on Bucky Fuller and our need for a new paradigm is both reflective and light in touch. Love the line about how, when Einstein asked to meet the then relatively ‘unknown’ Fuller in the … Continue reading

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Thomas Merton on The true inner self

“The true inner self must be drawn up like a jewel from the bottom of the sea, rescued from confusion, from indistinction, from immersion in the common, the nondescript, the trivial, the sordid, the evanescent.” Thomas Merton Palace Gate Counselling … Continue reading

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James Hillman on Archetypal Psychotherapy & the Soulless Society

James Hillman on Archetypal Psychotherapy & the Soulless Society Interesting taster of James Hillman’s work (which has many resonances with what we are seeking to offer in this service – therapy with soul, in his language). And, as before, thank … Continue reading

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David Whyte on Poetry, and Poem: Everything is waiting for you

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A Collision of worlds by Brian Thorne

A Collision of worlds by Brian Thorne Wonderful article by Brian, putting some of the arguments against regulation of counselling.

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Challenging Media: Jean Kilbourne

Some eye-opening facts about the media’s participation in perceptions of and attitudes to women…..

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Person-centred and Buddhist teaching

Person-centred and Buddhist teaching Another interesting link from Monica Cassani. There are obvious correlations between these ideas about Bodhicitta, and Carl Rogers’ ideas about the ‘fully functioning’ human being, the ‘good life’ and the latter stages of his seven stage … Continue reading

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Yule Reflections 2013

Last night we had our counselling service meal. We decided not to venture into the festive melee. Instead we hired a comfortable room in our building (which houses various other groups and activities besides us). John and I spent a … Continue reading

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