Laci Green on Sexual Objectification

Thanks Monica, for your post and link to Laci on You Tube.

Liking what Laci has to say on this important and relevant theme, about the embedded sexual objectification (especially of women) that runs through our cultures, and how harmful this is for all of us. In our view, this is one manifestation of a wider cultural disconnection, that objectifies human beings in many ways, and perpetuates our disconnection from our own selves and from each other. The purpose of the service we offer – or of any therapy – is essentially to support people in reconnecting with themselves and their own experiencing through the core conditions, which will inevitably also enhance their ability to connect in relationship.

Here’s the link to Monica’s post on (which has loads of useful links and posts on numerous themes).

And here’s a link direct to Laci on You Tube – there’s a long list of interesting resource material under the screen.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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