Jason Hine on the curse, & blessing, of the Geis

This is an interesting post from Jason Hine, on the ‘Geis’ theme. It’s a ‘friends only’ Facebook post, which he has kindly given us permission to re-post. Jason links to an article on http://www.mythandmore.com – link right at the bottom of this post. Here are Jason’s thoughts:-

“Many of us have had a curse placed on us in one form or another. Many of us have been ‘cursed’ by our parents when we were children with certain uncaring words which we have internalized as a belief system. In Celtic storytelling and mythology the curse is called a ‘Geis’ and it is related to fate. The hero of the story may try to avoid breaking the Geis or he may try to find a way to escape from it. Sometimes he is trapped by fate and cannot escape. But there is something uncanny here because by escaping the Geis or even sometimes by fulfilling it, the Geis can sometimes transform into a blessing. Perhaps one of the deepest mythological secrets of the universe is here; the fact that the curse is really your sacred calling in a reversed, opposite form. For example some of us have been told as children that we are ‘not good enough’ or lead to believe that we’ll never be able to achieve anything in life without an immense struggle. The destiny of those of us who have recieved this curse may be to become a powerful leader who helps to bring a more playful abundant joyful magical world into existence.

The curse you have been given is a gift in a disguised form if you turn it round into its opposite. If you believe you are unworthy to step forward or speak out then your gift or sacred calling may be be something like stepping forward with power and speaking out the truth with love. The opposite of the curse is the truth; if you believe you are not capable of love really you are full of loving power, if you believe that your body is ugly, really you are here to embody beauty in the world. If you believe everything is a struggle, really you are here to help people to live lives of ease and joy. If someone believes they are crazy they may be here to bring a higher order of sanity to the world. If you believe you are inherently bad it means you are here to show people the meaning of inherent goodness.

Instead of identifying with a conceptual belief about ourself we need to slowly learn to identify instead with our body-awareness and the body’s inner vibrant aliveness. The key to turning the curse around is to reverse the meaning of the curse and to bring consciousness to the feelings, body movements, ways of relating and body sensations associated with the curse, to release the energies caught up in the curse and to find the dreaming divine power that hides behind it. If we do this our nervous system will begin attain equilibrium and our symnaptic links may begin to reconfigure themselves. Then Enantiodromia may occur, the turning round of the power into its opposite. The form and shape of the great Self and our true calling in life may begin to emerge.

Jason Hine”

And here is Jason’s own Facebook page, which has lots of good stuff on it:-


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Here is the post Jason links to, on http://www.mythandmore.com :-


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