Toko-pa on Invitational presence

Beautiful description of therapeutic relationship…and indeed relationship…

Here’s the wording for anyone who has trouble following Facebook links:-

“Whether we are looking to create closeness with others, with nature, or with the living mystery, an invitational presence is the prerequisite to any form of intimacy.
Like the physical flinging open of our doors to guests, we can cultivate a quality of hospitality in our presence which signals to the other that they are welcome in our company just as they are.
This quality naturally emerges when we put down our own manoeuvrings long enough to be truly interested who someone is, what they need, and what they love. Simply put, it is to clear an opening in our hearts for the other to take shelter.
When your presence is hospitable, the other can become their essential self in your company, even if just for a holy moment.
One of the greatest contributions we can make to our communities is to hold this welcoming presence for others, without any presumption that they give something in return or conform to our expectations, without giving into the temptation to change, fix, or solve their questions for them.”

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling in Exeter since 1994

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