Maya Luna, on staying with….

Beautiful, accurate poem from Maya’s Facebook page. Here are the words, for anyone who has difficulty reading FB links:-

“If you cannot help me
If you cannot heal me 
If you cannot solve 
My problem 
Will you stay anyways? 
Just for a moment 
Will you sit and hold 
The broken pieces with me 
And look at their worn edges 
Their luminous shine 
And just take one breath
With me 
Your eyes and heart 
Are everything friend
They lift this burden of 
For one moment 
I know it makes your skin crawl 
How messy this is 
I know you ache with 
I know you burn with helplessness
Knowing there is nothing 
You can do 
But will you stay, anyways? 
Stay with me for a moment 
And just look with me 
Hold these scattered pieces 
In your hands
These pieces 
I have grown accustomed to
That I carry everywhere I go
That know my sweat and fingerprints 
That carry the scent of my soul 
Hold them and touch them 
With your loving hands 
I do not need fixing 
Just eyes to see my 
Just a mirror reflecting 
What is mine to hold 
Just a love that can hold it all”

And this is what therapy is for. Thank you Maya.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling in Exeter since 1994

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