Jeff Foster on Sadness and anger

Some extraordinarily important words from Jeff about our relationship with emotions perceived as ‘difficult’ and the judgments these attract…. We are often struck by how common those judgments are, even among the ‘spiritual’ and even among therapists – as if our task is somehow to transcend or overcome or remove these feelings, and we are at fault or ‘weak’ or ‘not working hard enough’ if we don’t manage to do this. No.

Whilst such feelings may be deeply painful, and the person experiencing them may wish they could be absent, the reality is as Jeff describes…. in welcoming all of ourselves, our whole beings, sensing into the true meanings of all that we have tried to exclude, we come home to the fullness of ourselves with love – which is the point of therapy and all forms of ‘personal growth’ work.

For those who have difficulty reading FB links, here is the text:-


Sadness and anger, please forgive me. 

I used to run from you.
I imagined that you were ‘bad’.
Or ‘unhealthy’. Or ‘unspiritual’.
Or a sign of weakness. 
Or a fault of ‘ego’ or the ‘separate self’.

Or shameful.

No. No. I was wrong. You are life itself.
You belong. 
I bow to you now. 
I breathe into you. 
I give you my breath.

Sadness, you help keep my heart open.
You remind me to let go, in each moment.
You are a beautiful release.
You help me befriend death and impermanence.

Anger, you remind me of my power.
You rise spontaneously to protect the organism.
You help me speak up without fear.
Speak truth. Speak out against falsehood.
Walk this path with courage.
Protect those I love.

Sadness and anger, please forgive me. 
You are inseparable from the sacredness.
You are deeply accepted now.
In my vastness.’

Jeff Foster

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling in Exeter since 1994

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