I will have become – David Whyte

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I will have become 
like the madman 
to see the moon 
in the window,
the hawk 
I saw tracing 
the cliff edge 
above the river.

I will be the man
I have pursued 
all along 
and finally caught.

I will be
all my intuitions
and all my desires
and then I will walk 
slowly down the steps 
as if dressed in white 
and wade into the water 
for a second baptism.

I will be like
someone who cannot
hide their love
but my joy will become 
and everyday
and like a lover
I will find out
exactly what it is like
to be the happiest, 
the only one in creation
to really 
how much,
I’m just a hair’s breadth
from dying.

New and Selected Poems © David Whyte and Many Rivers Press 

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Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling Exeter since 1994

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