Winter’s Cloak – Joyce Rupp

Winter’s Cloak

This year I do not want
The dark to leave me.
I need its wrap
Of silent stillness,
Its cloak
Of long lasting embrace.
Too much light
Has pulled me away
from the chamber
of gestation.

Let the dawns
Come late,
Let the sunsets
Arrive early,
Let the evenings
Extend themselves
While I lean into
The abyss of my being.

Let me lie in the cave
Of my soul,
For too much light
Blinds me,
Steals the source
Of revelation.

Let me seek solace
In the empty places
Of winter’s passage,
Those vast dark nights
That never fail to shelter me.

Joyce Rupp

The – culturally under-valued, even invisible – meanings and importance of winter and darkness….

Thank you, Joyce (and Emily on Facebook for showing us this).

Here’s the book link….wonderful gift:-

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling in Exeter since 1994

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