Criticism: Are you willing to take the hit? Toko-pa

Click on the above link to visit Toko-pa’s site for this helpful reflective piece, on our ability to receive criticism, and distinguish between what has the potential to teach us and what is harmful.

‘…there are two major consequences to your shrinking back: The first is the truncation of your soul’s purpose. Ouch, right? Well, something inclined you to create in the first place and, as most creative folks know, the creative cycle can’t complete itself until your gifts are received — for better or worse. Also, that urge to create? It’s not going away. The second consequence is the loss felt by everyone who will never receive the unique medicine you are meant to bring.

So ultimately you have to decide; are you willing to take the hit on behalf of all those who need exactly what you’re bringing? Or will you let them take the hit, by your remaining quiet?’

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling in Exeter since 1994


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