Kristina Kuzmic on valuing & offering our gifts


We like this. There’s a lot of positivity/law of attraction stuff around which seems unhelpful or even toxic – implying that, of we cannot feel better or improve our lives, we are somehow deficient or not trying hard enough (with its coda that we ‘should’ be suppressing ‘negative’ emotion). Kristina does not do that here. Instead, she makes a distinction between feeling our feelings, and the narratives/stories we weave through them. It is possible to be desperately sad or scared, without turning that into a cognitive commitment to narratives of despair, cynicism and hopelessness.

We also like her focus on whatever apparently small things may be possible, in the dark times of our lives. Whether that is making and cradling a cup of tea whilst wrapped in a soft blanket, or inviting strangers to supper, it is through experiences of offering ourselves and others something of value that we are most likely to find our ways through – the expansion of gentle and supportive encounter of self and other, rather than the contraction of suppression or overriding/forcing ourselves. Generous relationship – be it with self or other – nourishes us, and makes more possible.

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