Tomas Hunt on Navajo Dance


Click on the link to visit Facebook for this lovely little film about finding aliveness in dance, moving through experiences of bullying and racism, and using dance to connect with people, ignite sparks of creativity and joy, and share the Navajo culture.

“When I dance, I feel alive. I feel excited to do something that makes people happy. When I dance, I forget all my worries. I forget all the troubles that I have, and I’m just in that moment.” 

Got a bit of a dance theme going here in the past couple of weeks. There’s lots of evidence about the power of dance in supporting well-being, presence/mindfulness and holistic growth. We are a talking therapy service, although we also have therapists with substantial experience in creative ways of working – such as sand tray – for people who want that. A couple of our therapists dance as part of their own well-being practices. Dance offers a wisdom which informs their talking therapy work, and gives them the context better to support clients wanting to give energy to a more embodied experience of being alive.

Dance offers more than the potential for an experience of joy and aliveness. Just as with other creative ways of working, such as making art or sand tray, dance offers a means of connecting more deeply with ourselves, including what is more difficult in our experiencing (for example, grief or trauma) and – literally – moving through that in a supportive and helpful way….

Tomas’ piece captures some of the well-being aspect of dance, and more besides.

Thank you, Tomas.

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