When We Were Trees – Ivy Bourgon

‘there was a time, not so long ago, that we were trees.
trust me, we were.

we grew old
very, very, very old
we lived at the whim of the seasons with no control over our many appendages that would crack and break off
at random.
we lived out our lives rooted
in one place.

and we were quiet,
we stood silently, innocent of nervous systems,
and bore witness.

we sipped our breakfast up through the soil,
we drank our fill of rain,
we died and birthed to the winter and spring
we surrendered

until we learned,
deep in our ancient root system,
that we’ve always been here,
we’ve always been silently known by all things,
participating by giving all we have.

nowadays, traversing the land with the beautiful
and nefarious magic
of the mind,
we tend to forget the simplicity at root of our being,
the inherent value we have
when we listen,
bear witness to other creatures,
give all we have.

like we did when we were trees.

trust me,
we were.’

Ivy Bourgon

Thank you to Vera de Chalambert on Facebook for introducing us to this oh-so-beautiful poem. And to Ivy, of course.

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