9 Things You Can Do – James O’Dea

These feel like important reflections, for Americans and all of us….

No to Fear. Yes to Vigilance. Nine things you can do:

This is not a time to fall into fear or project calamitous consequences for America but it is a time to be very, very vigilant.

Vigilance is a state of conscious alertness and full-bore engagement.

Hold a vivid and dynamic vision of collective well-being and a truly positive future.

Act from a place of radical inclusion.

Listen with full-bodied attention to unspoken wounds and to the whispers of indefatigable hope.

Activate the fullest expression of your own morally inspired conscience.

Incarnate and manifest your values down to the finest detail.

Attune to Mother Nature’s gathering voice and speak her language with eloquent clarity.

Attest to the power of love and warm its fires by building beloved community.

Put a light in your window to welcome kindred spirits, those afraid of persecution and as a sign that you are always, always open to healing dialogue .’

James O’Dea’

This is from Jason Hine’s Facebook page – many thanks:-

Here’s a book link:-


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