Rupi Kaur on being & expressing yourself

‘you tell me to quiet down cause

my opinions make me less beautiful

but i was not made with a fire in my belly

so i could be put out

i was not made with a lightness in my tongue

so i could be easy to swallow

i was made heavy

half blade and half silk

difficult to forget but

not easy for the mind to follow’

rupi kaur

One way of making sense of what therapy is for, is that it is about reclaiming our power – stolen in increments through childhood and beyond, as we begin the long process of distorting ourselves in order to be accepted, to be loved, to fit in, to survive…

This poem is Rupi’s version of the push back, and we celebrate that. May we all find our unique personal version of ‘heavy, half blade and half silk’.

Canadian-based poet Rupi publishes her empowering poems on Instagram, features on Huffington Post and the like, and here’s a book link:-

Thank you to Emma Flint on Facebook for putting us onto this poem.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling Exeter since 1994

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