Michael Bernard Beckwith: Are You Serving the Emerging Paradigm?

Click on the link to visit You Tube for this brief film (under 5 minutes) in which Michael Beckwith talks about the ethic of service; serving the emerging paradigm; and the work happening worldwide to support that emergence. We see our work here as a small part of that.

He makes the following comment, which jumped out at us:-

‘The difficulty is this: the media as it is today, they are reporting from a dying paradigm. And they have the technology to report from a dying paradigm, and the technology to report from the emerging paradigm is not as powerful yet. So the media to report from what is emerging is not as powerful as the media that’s reporting from the dying, so it looks like everything is dying. So right now, you have different media that’s now emerging, that’s starting to deal with the possibilities: different kinds of healing; different kinds of business practices; different kinds of ways of being in relationship; generosity; philanthropy. And so I have often said that if we could have a mirror that’s large enough to show all the good work that’s happening – if we could look at ourselves in the mirror and see all of the good work that’s happening – we’d be shocked as to how well we’re doing.’

Important to keep this in mind, we think, when despair looms.

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