Twice Blessed – David Whyte

Here’s the text, for those who cannot readily read Facebook links:-


So that 
I stopped 
and looked 
into the sun,

seeing not only
my reflected face
but the great sky
that framed 
my lonely figure

and after a moment
I lifted my hands
and then my eyes
and I 
allowed myself
to be

by the great 
calling to me
like an
and unspoken
like something
in one moment
both calling to me
and radiating
from where I stood,

as if I could 
I had been given
and everything 
taken from me 

as if I could be
I have learned 
and everything
I could know,

as if I knew
in that moment
both the way 
I had come
and, secretly,

the way
I was still 
promised to go,

brought together,
like this,
with the 
unyielding ground
and the symmetry
of the moving sky,
caught in still waters.

I have been,
and someone
I am just, 
about to become,

something I am
and will be forever,
the sheer generosity
of being loved
through loving:
the miracle reflection
of a twice blessed life.’

Twice Blessed
From Work in Progress
© David Whyte

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling Exeter since 1994

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