Kei Miller ‘Epilogue’

‘Let us not repeat the easy lies about eternity

and love. We have fallen out of love

before – like children surpassing

the borders of their beds, woken

by gravity, the suddenness of tiles.

So it is we have opened our eyes

in the dark, found ourselves far

from all that was safe and soft.

So it is we have nursed red bruises.

If we are amazed at anything let it be this:

not that we have fallen from love,

but that we were always resurrected

into it, like children who climb sweetly

back into bed.’

Kei Miller ‘A Light Song of Light’

Oh, how the writer loves the poems of Kei Miller. Alas, she could not find a spoken version of this (we have previously posted some links of Kei beautifully reading his work).

Here’s the book link, if you are seeking a gift for yourself or another:-

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

Counselling in Exeter since 1994



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