Matt Licata on wholeness and the dark places of the psyche

Here’s a post from Matt Licata on embodiment, vulnerability and the ‘unfolding now’. One of our readers has had an issue with not being able to read FB links, so here is the text, just in case:-

“Let us not forget the descendent current, flowing into the unlit places, the lower chakras, and the dark caverns of the psyche. The invitation here is one of embodiment – into the vulnerability, the chaos, and the reorganization which is an expression of overwhelming creativity.

There is something illuminating the way, though there is no map into the unresolvable, untamed terrain of love. There is no past reference point from which you can orient. Only pure, raw experience. And the unfolding now.

It is easy to disconnect from this current, as we overly identify with the ascending, the upward, the light, and the transcendent. In the rush to exit immediate experience – for something that is higher, purer, less messy, less fragile, and less contradictory – we turn from the waters of life, and lose touch with the wholeness that is always already here.

While it is natural to have a bias for one current over another, let us not do so at the expense of fragmentation. In ways the mind may never understand, there is a luminous middle place where the currents intertwine. It is found in a secret chamber inside your own heart. Rest there.”

Matt Licata

We think this is vitally important… From the writer’s perspective too, the gateway to a sense of wholeness is in embodied experience, moment by moment. The more present we are able to be, the more of our experiencing we are able to receive, and – whatever turbulence, chaos and fear may arise along the way – this is a deeply trustworthy process of coming home to ourselves (and so each other, and the whole of life).

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