The Only Thing – William Taylor, Jr


The Only Thing

“To be beautiful
in spite of everything.

that is what is needed.

In spite of the ugliness
of these times and of this people.

In spite of what you have done
and what has been done 
to you.

In spite of life,
in spite of death.

To be beautiful
when nothing else is.

It is not an easy thing
but it is the only thing
that matters.

I will try
if you will”.

(William Taylor Jr., “Words to Songs Never Written”)

Sums it up really. Enough said. May we all be beautiful in 2016.

Here is the link to William’s blog:-

Here’s the book link:-

And here’s a review by Charles P. Ries:-

Thank you to Janan Yousif on Facebook for showing us this.

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