John Welwood on awakening from our conditioning

“If Love is like a sun whose radiant warmth causes us to stir and expand inside the seed of the husk of our conditioned personality, then as this protective shell starts to crack open, we are bound to experience moments of uncertainty or panic. For even though our old identities impede our development, they do provide a certain comfort and security. When one of them starts to dissolve, it often seems as though our orderly world is falling into chaos…”

But in moments where we are in touch with soul we experience ourselves freshly and immediately as this being who is alive in this moment…….

Thus soul is an intermediate principle of Bridge which allows a living integration between the two sides of our nature: the individual and the universal, the embodied realm of personal experience and the formless presence of pure being, pure spirit.

It is only through letting the heart break the we discover something unexpected: the heart cannot actually break, it can only break open. What breaks when we are touched by life’s pain is the contraction around our heart that we have been carrying for so long”.

John Welwood: Love & Awakening

Thank you to Cliona O’Conaill on Facebook for posting this.

Here’s the book link:-

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