Contact Improvisation


The writer does quite a lot of conscious dance (or movement meditation). Contact improvisation is one form with which she is less familiar. As she understands it, the idea is that the dancers remain in more or less constant physical contact, feeling into the flow of the dance and each other’s energies – always in motion and transition, reflecting the constant motion of aliveness….Hugely relational, as this little film shows….about presence, connection within and between, intuition, empathy and trust. There’s a lot of benefit, both in self-expression in movement – the holistic connections and releases this allows us to make – and, of course, in touch and human contact.

This film shows this in action, very touchingly, between a group of dancers including this parent and toddler. The writer felt moved by the embodied relationship and trust between the two of them, and this child’s evident enjoyment and confidence. She had a sense – as she often does with conscious dance – of ‘ah, so this is person-centred in dance form…’. The film quality is not great, but it’s well worth bearing with it…

Thank you to Vanesa Marin, and Julia Pesch on Facebook for bringing this lovely film to our attention.

Here’s Itay Yatuv with a TED talk, and a bit more about this dance form:-

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