Charles Eisenstein – The Ecosexual Awakening


Interesting perspective from Charles, which feels like an accurate metaphor for the cultural blind alleys down which we have lost ourselves. Most of our social structures are predicated upon a parent/child relationship – hierarchical, authoritarian, external-locus based…. We are taught to judge, blame and punish (ourselves and others) – breeding alienation from our organismic experiencing, inward and outward division, separation, fear and isolation, in place of values around a sense of the sacredness of life, empathy, relational connection and compassion.

Many of us have a similar sense that it is time to awaken, time to grow up: to make the shifts into new paradigms founded on equality and loving presence, offered to ourselves and to other living beings/systems. The metaphor of a lover (as opposed to just two adults) is important, because it offers both elements – and both are needed. Equality, infused with a depth of love and commitment, are what support growth in relationship – whether or not that relationship has a sexual dimension.

Even where the relationship is actually one of parent and child, ‘conscious’ approaches to parenting share a fundamental respect for/valuing of the child’s unique personhood and internal locus. From this perspective, a recognition of ‘other as different/real/sacred’ infuses teaching; nurturing; setting boundaries; finding the balance points between caring for/protecting, and allowing enough space for self-determination and growth. In other words, conscious parenting is founded on a sense of our underlying equality as beings, despite temporal differences in needs, roles and responsibility. Parenting as a sacred trust (as is all relationship).

Carl Rogers observed – as we do at this service – that deep growth and expansion within an individual person inherently and inevitably radiate outwards in an enhancing way – relationally and socially. In the later phases of his life, he gave considerable attention to what person-centred might look like at fractals beyond the personal – for example, in terms of education, organizational structures, relations between nations. In this excerpt, Charles is looking at those same ideas at a still larger fractal – the relationship between the human race and the planet which supports us.

Here is the book, in which you will find Charles’ essay (and much else besides):-

Thank you to Jason Hine on Facebook for drawing our attention to this:-

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