Ending Power Struggles with Children – Hand in Hand Parenting – Patty Wipfler


At the heart of person centred is the idea that we each have inherent value, and that there is a fundamental equality between us. Whatever differences there may be in our life experience, culture, age, gender, race, ability, education, ways of seeing ourselves etc etc are the hazards of chance and the mysterious workings of the universe. Our differences are local and temporary. Somewhere under this and beyond it, and in the heart of each one of us, lies what is immutable and sacred – this is the realm of the higher self, the actualised potential, the soul, the orende, the divine spark within us all….whatever your personal conceptual system and language may be for approaching that idea.

So also at the heart of person-centred is the giving of intention and paying of attention to behaving congruently with these principles of value and equality. That’s what the core conditions are about. One important way we can breathe life into this is to consider any relationship in terms of where the power is. How can we work with that, to support a sense of value and equality in ourselves and each other – and thereby create intimacy and trust?

This is a lovely piece looking at how we might approach that within the parent/child relationship, where so much of the outcome depends on how we inhabit the complex landscapes of autonomy, belonging, self determination, learning, protection, nurture, control and surrender. As always, it comes back to the simplicity of the core conditions, by any other name….

Gratitude to Patty Wipfler and Hand in Hand Parenting.

The site has lots of other resources and articles, and is well worth a visit. Here’s the Facebook link too:-


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