Boyan Slat on Cleaning the Oceans – Amateo Ra

This might at first glance seem an odd post for a therapy service. However, Boyan Slat’s vision and work seemed to us profoundly inspiring and empowering – an example of one person finding ways to manifest his ethics, passion and vision in the world, to the benefit of all of us, human and otherwise, who share this planet, and to the natural world on which we depend…

The writer has had the experience of hearing the news and feeling powerless, insignificant, unable to make any real difference….the potential slide into passivity or despair. Boyan’s work feels like the antidote. If we all do this, in large ways like Boyan and smaller ways – by smiling at a stranger or an act of kindness – our world WILL change. That’s what will actually work, and indeed it’s the only approach that will lead us as societies out of our current fear-driven blind alleys of self/other-destructive perceptions and behaviours. The key is inward change in each one of us.

And it seems to us that is essentially the intention in therapy, what Carl Rogers noticed over half a century ago….Where we can find support in healing and growing, free ourselves up to inhabit our lives with presence, with passion, with vision, with more of ourselves, we inevitably begin to radiate this outwards, in ways that make a loving, healing difference in our relationships, at our workplaces, in our communities, in our environment, in the world. The actualising tendency in motion. That process is what we seek to support at this service, why we volunteer our time…

Boyan shows where this takes us.

Here’s the direct link to You Tube:-

Gratitude to Boyan, Amateo and

The writer saw this on her Facebook feed this morning, but failed to note who posted it – so gratitude to them too.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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