World, Meet My Daughter – The Maven of Mayhem

Click on the link for this inspiring account of a choice to be seen, publicly.

My experience over the past three years tells me how critically important it is, not just for us as individuals or groups, but for our cultures and our ability to create a juster, more loving world going forward, that we are willing to speak our truths and stand forward for what we see/believe, with compassion, integrity, courage and a preparedness to be seen. Totally get how scary that can be, the consequences it can have (and very real risk in our culture as it is that these/some of these may be painful and destructive) and the many, many reasons for keeping our heads below the parapet and letting someone else do it. In my own situation, I have seen a lot of people stand by, or express support privately only, in the past few years – and I get it, I really do….But there is a cost in that to all of us, and it was an uplifting, encouraging and heart-swelling experience to read Amanda’s account of her and Alexis’ choice to speak. May (enough) of us help to provide the winds of love and support under both their wings….

This bit of the world says ‘Welcome Alexis, and gratitude for your presence, your truth, your courage and the woman you will be. And thank you, Amanda. Go well, both of you.’

Lindsey Talbott, Therapist

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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