I Will Always Find You: The Homing of Human Connection – Drake Spaeth


Profound post from Drake on the wonderful Saybrook University site, about intuitive, embodied connection in relationship with ourselves/others, and within the web of life/our experiencing – and the support this offers us in finding our way:-

‘All of us have in our bodies a capacity to feel a slight, somatically based sense of opening, or even a pull, tug, or shift toward where we will know we will be welcome or toward what will feed our spirit.’


‘C. Michael Smith …. links this capacity to Jungian psychology and shamanism, stating that Jungian individuation can be understood as an intuitive and somatic hunger for the sacred in life (Smith, 2007). Smith conceptualizes this pull as a heart navigational sense or NGS, stating that it is the best means by which we can recover from being lost or find others and life circumstances that authentically reflect who we are.’

The writer strongly resonates with this, and with:-

Intimate, authentic relationships are anything but easy, of course. They typically entail at least as much capacity for suffering as bliss! Those struggles offer opportunities for greater closeness and understanding. Perhaps….the very best ones are those that create in the midst of struggle (or perhaps out that very struggle) a deep, intuitive sense of home for each other. Our deep, embodied yearning can help us find them and grow within them.’ 

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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