Increased anti-depressant use strongly associated with rise in mood disorders Robert Whitaker

Click on the link for this sobering post on Monica Cassani’s great site, We would ourselves would wish to challenge the illness/disorder model language – but that is how the evidence is couched, and the point is clear. This piece is U.S. based – but, as Robert comments at the end, the data appear to be consistent across national borders.

We feel troubled by the increasing frequency with which these drugs are prescribed, often long-term, without adequate (or in many cases any) information about evidence questioning efficacy or the potential adverse effects – which obviously have an impact during drug use, but can also have an impact through the withdrawal process and for years beyond that. For some people – as was Monica’s own experience – these effects can be major and disabling.

There are many other issues wrapped up in this. One of the biggest is about informed choice – that we each have enough information and sense of power to be in a position to exercise this, when deciding whether or not to take a drug. It is very clear this is not happening, from accounts we are hearing at this service from many of the people we work with.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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