‘What is grace?’: Lisa Wimberger


Thank you to http://www.beyondmeds.com for this post, and to Lisa for her project and choice to share it without charge.

Grace feels like a key concept to the writer….and is a short word about which many words have been spoken and written through the centuries. In the sense Lisa is using it, it is close to loving presence – each of us with our own being in the moment, and also with each other in relationship (as she describes being with her mother in her dying)….those moments when we are able fully to open to the rattling breath, or the fall of a leaf, or the aliveness of a bird, each moment comprising the entire cosmos and all of time, the most specific and the most minute, which is also the whole of everything and which houses beauty – and which we touch through raw, naked, visceral presence. And, for sure, this seldom looks like the white robes or the soft music. Tough love.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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