Adyashanti & Toko-Pa on Ancestral Pain & Healing

Click on the link to visit Monica Cassani’s wonderful, resource-rich site for this helpful post.

We too like Toko-Pa’s blog, and have previously linked to this piece on ‘Ancestral Healing’ and quite a few others.

The Adyashanti passage feels like required reading for any therapist – or indeed any human being, for we are all caught in this vibration. We would not ourselves use some of this language – we do not from a person-centred perspective make sense of the human condition in terms of ‘[suffering] with anger or depression’, or think it’s helpful to label our emotional experiences as ‘afflictions’. However, this is currently the culturally received language, and overall the content here – about transmission of pain through the generations – is profoundly helpful and illuminating. Adyashanti’s passage also captures the broken nature of the external locus/fault/blame model, so prevalent in our society, so embedded in our social structures, and so unhelpful in healing, or transcending these patterns.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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