Contact Improvisation: An Intuitive, Non-Verbal and Intimate Dialogue: Itay Yatuv at TEDxBGU

Click on the link for this interesting TED film/talk by Itay, artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. Itay has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation for over 10 years to professional and amateur dancers. He has a particular interest in connecting the principles of Contact Improvisation, and child development – in terms of motor skills and physical/emotional communication between child and parent. You will see this movingly (pun intended) in action between Itay and his daughter, at the beginning of this film.

Conscious movement/dance (of which Contact Improvisation is one form) is about inward process and connection/relationship, in movement form. Like other embodiment practices, it invites and invokes our presence as whole beings. It has the ability to connect us deeply with ourselves and in relationship, and to support our working through whatever arises for us and access our own deeper wisdom. You will hear often in the dance world ‘your body knows’ – this is Rogers’ actualizing tendency and organismic experiencing in flow.

I practice conscious dance. Like Itay, I am fascinated with the therapeutic, growthful and relational potential of movement and physical connection, and the perspectives this brings to my work as a talking therapist. I experience the conscious dance world as profoundly person-centred – person-centred in motion – practitioners and teachers bringing a holistic understanding of what it is to be human, and of how we grow and heal (in my experience by no means present to the same degree in the talking therapy world).

There is a lot of conscious dance in the south west. If you have an interest, you will find more information on this Facebook page. Conscious dance groups tend to be welcoming and inclusive:-

Lindsey Talbott, Therapist

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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3 Responses to Contact Improvisation: An Intuitive, Non-Verbal and Intimate Dialogue: Itay Yatuv at TEDxBGU

  1. cool…lots of folks do this at our waves here…I’ve yet to take a class but have faked it with folks a few times 🙂

    • Yes, me too! It’s very popular here – and the classes always seem to fall on nights I work – one day….. I do mostly 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine, with a little Soul Motion when the chance arises….I also dance with/crew for an elemental dance called Earth Beats, influenced by Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects (Cliona who leads EB, has done some work with Joanna). Lindsey

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