Eileen Caddy on the process of growth & change

‘There is no strain or stress in nature. A seed goes through its full cycle; it does not have to do anything; it just has to allow it all to happen. All you have to do is to allow it all to happen. Why not let yourself be transformed into a glorious butterfly? Come out of the chrysalis, that confined space, out of the restrictions of your mortal mind and ideas. When a snake changes its skin, it slowly wriggles out of its old one and leaves it behind to wither away and disintegrate. A crab outgrows its shell as it grows and expands, and grows a bigger more beautiful one. A bird cracks open its shell and emerges completely transformed. It is free, free, free! That is what is waiting to happen to you. A new freedom, a new joy, a whole new world is waiting to open up for you when you are willing to move out of those old restrictive ways, thoughts and ideas, and be transformed.’

Eileen Caddy

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter


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