Michael Eigen on learning to be with our scream

‘Just because one is a baby and stops screaming, it doesn’t mean that the scream goes away inside. There is a scream that goes on all life long no matter who we are or what we do. Some of us manifest that scream by creating wars. Some of us withdraw from it or hide from it. Some of us beat up anyone that comes too near us. Or we are screaming at ourselves and some of us commit suicide when the scream reaches too unbearable a point. But the scream goes on whether we are alive or whether we are dead. We can’t stop that scream. That scream has to be experienced. It has to be tasted and one has to learn to be with that scream in some way.’

Michael Eigen

Wise man. At this service, we in part make sense of therapy as a process of coming alongside and – through presence and the core conditions – supporting another human being in experiencing/learning to be with their scream….

Thank you to Brent Potter for posting this on his Facebook page.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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