Rewilding the Yoga Body – Danielle Prohom Olson

Click on the link for this interesting and wide-ranging post by Danielle beginning with modern cultural ideas of feminine beauty in the context of the ‘yoga body’, and ranging through other cultures, times and spiritual traditions in search of reconnection with the sacred feminine: ‘our deepest nature…..the lost wilds of our soul’, the archetype of the wild woman and her “dynamic quality of ecstasy”.

Like Danielle, I think the essence of embodiment (and indeed therapeutic growth/actualising) is a turning from outward standards to inward experience – self concept/external locus to organismic experience/internal locus. It is when we connect to our own deeper wisdom within, that we become able to find our way with surer feet – tuned into a fuller experience of how it is to live in our skin and see with our eyes, sensing and celebrating the rhythms of the natural world that run through us:-

‘On this matter, I personally take cue from the “beautiful, passionate and untamed” Vajirayogini who figures so prominently in Tantric iconography and literature. In the Yogini Tantras she announces , “Wherever in the world a female body is seen, That should be recognized as my holy body”. Now that’s body positivity at work.

That’s why I believe there is a better way to resist the forces which seek to denigrate our natural functions and attempt to keep our bodies under control. We must begin with reconnecting with what is essential or authentic to our experience of being embodied – because how else will we know what is artificial or imposed?

Rewilding the yoga body means disconnecting from the artificial construct of “body image” itself, the strictures of race, class, gender that tell us to look, act and feel in certain way. It means entering the true yoga body of our sensations and feelings, to reconnect with the processes and cycles of the natural world, which flow through us. And it returns us to the ancient understanding of our fore-mothers, one in which our bodies and our biological processes are sacred and numinous.’

Lindsey Talbott, Therapist

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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