Hearing Voices: Rachel’s recovery


Click on the link for this powerful film of Rachel talking about her experience, on http://www.beyondmeds.com – which has a wealth of resources for those interested in alternative viewpoints on this subject, and ways of healing that are not offered in the psychiatric system (in the U.S. or here).

As Rachel says:-

‘I’m just a survivor of some really horrible childhood experiences and trauma, and my voices and my visions are…metaphors…links to those horrible things that happened to me…they’re the way I coped as a child, and to call that an ‘illness’ is deeply, deeply disrespectful, because it’s basically saying there is something wrong with me…just like an abuser said there was something wrong with me when they hurt me. It’s the system saying there is something wrong with me. It’s not an illness or a symptom, it’s a survival strategy, and to call it an illness just left me with no hope, and no way forward.’

She speaks at the end about what she would like to ask the psychiatrists who ‘treated’ her:-

‘Why is it that they treat people like me with medication primarily? Why is it that they label people like me with schizophrenia? Why don’t they look for the reasons, the true reasons….what is it about them, what is it about their training, what is it about society that won’t let them look at the real me? Why do they have to force me into this schizophrenic box?’

We think these are key questions. We also think she is inspirational, for those still lost on that dark road and for all of us.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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