Your Sexuality: Ask & Tell: Alyssa Royse at TEDxRainier

Forthright and sensible TED talk from Alyssa, making some valuable points about sexuality and the toxicity of sexual shame, backed up with a few hard-hitting statistics.

She defines ‘sex’ as ‘a consensual act between adults, and gives focus to consent as the important element – not the nature of the activity the adults may be choosing to engage in.

She also says:-

‘I think that we shame people about their sexuality, because we’re afraid of our own sexuality…’

and comments that she thinks we fear, if we are respectful of the sexual autonomy of others, that could in some way lead to a diminishing or giving away of our own autonomy (and our right to say no). She adds – accurately in our view – that in fact the reverse is true.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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