Justina Pelletier is returned home


Here is a link to an article about the court ruling returning 16 year old Justina to her family, after a year and a half of forced psychiatric hospitalization and ‘treatment’.

In our view, Justina’s experience raises serious issues around medical/psychiatric model orthodoxies/abuses, disempowerment, oppression/coercion and the wider cultural context in which this sits – ultimately, as with so much, concerning whether we wish to approach ourselves/our relationships holistically and from an internal locus, or whether we are willing to continue to accept external locus impositions (like forced psychiatric ‘treatment’) and the conceptual systems behind this.

Not wild about Mike Huckabee’s own apparent agenda/interpolation of his opinions/viewpoint in the interview, nor does the article dive especially deep – but Justina’s case asks our attention, whether from a therapeutic or wider human perspective…. And she and her family bring their own experiences and viewpoints, and theirs are the key voices in this, hers above all.

Here are links to two previous posts on this – Ted Chabasinski’s article is worth a read:-



We wish Justina and her family well.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

P.S. Apologies for the extremely annoying automatically inserted ads/’surveys’ in this – we are looking into preventing this happening!

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