Shauna Shapiro: The IAA Model of Mindfulness

This is a worthwhile 10 minutes about the practice of mindfulness.

It identifies three components: intention, attention, attitude.

We think this is an extremely useful way of making sense of mindfulness, and picks up the key elements of presence in curiosity/kindness – self observation in the spirit of ‘compassionate curiosity’ as we have heard it named.

Intention, or an over-arch of purpose, also feels key. Valuing ourselves involves valuing our time, our attention, our energies – and choosing where we put these. Mary Oliver frames it as a question:-

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

Right now.

We love the Emo Phillips quote: ‘I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.’

Here is the link to Monica Cassani’s site,, and thank you Monica for putting us onto this useful film:

Monica’s site has other resources around mindfulness and meditation, as well as a wealth of other material.

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