One Year Writing and Healing: Diane Morrow

Click on the title for a lovely blog on the theme of expressive writing as a path into processing and healing grief – this particular post is about our need to communicate our experience to a witness, even if (as turns out in the Chekhov story) that’s a horse.

She adds:-

‘Perhaps what grief requires, as much as anything, is that the process not be interrupted. That it find a time and a place in which to unfold – with a companion (when possible) and without (too much) interruption. And, perhaps, at least for some of us, writing can play a role in this process.’

We think that’s right, and also that the same statement holds true for what may help us heal in many situations, besides grief for a loss through death.

There’s lots to explore in this blog, and helpful resources. Well worth a look.

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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