Violence – a family tradition: Robbyn Peters Bennett at TEDxBellingham

Found this powerful and moving – thanks, Monica, for posting it.

It’s about parenting and child development, and especially the harmful impact of physical punishment (something on which over 90% of the research evidence agrees).

We especially like how Robbyn personalizes this. This is an emotive subject. We tend to replicate our family cultures – if we were spanked, we spank. It can be incredibly hard for a parent – hearing the evidence as a statement that ‘you have harmed your child’ – to engage with the ideas. Less painful to deny, push back, defend….and that push back gets in the way of our healing, learning and growing, as individuals and as cultures.

Robbyn walks through her own experience, and her own painful realizations, in a way that we find inspiring and courageous.

Essential viewing for parents, and anyone engaging with children especially in the early years.

And she’s mesmerizing to watch too – very effective speaker.

Here is a link to Monica’s site, which has lots of other resource on this/allied themes:-

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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