Psychiatric Epidemic – Part 1:The Roots – Robert Whitaker

Okay, this is a long watch. However, if you are a therapist or taking, or thinking of taking, psychiatric drugs, it’s an important one.

This is not about an agenda that people do/don’t make that decision – which we think appropriately rests with the individual. It’s about people having accurate, full and balanced information as a basis for making those decisions. We are clear from what clients are telling us that this is by no means always the case.

We also think it is extremely important to challenge some of the prevailing cultural orthodoxies about all of this – where they are not supported by the evidence, or represent only a partial picture.

We think the work Robert is doing is important and needful:-

Thank you to Monica Cassani for posting this video and Part 2 (which will follow). Here is the link to Monica’s site, which records her own personal and professional experiences, and has lots of useful resources and links:-

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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