Micah Ingle on Loving Openly

‘One of the coolest things I saw in Houston this past week was at a Mediterranean restaurant. We were sitting outside and this clever bird found a great food source in the abandoned leftovers of customers who had just left. It was a pretty big bird, not sure what kind, but it was awesome to watch. I watched casually though, even a little surreptitiously because I didn’t want to seem too weird or out of the ordinary to the people around me. Oh, a bird, yeah, cool, but whatever, you know.

A nun came out of nowhere and was just delighted, walked toward it really slowly but not too closely, you could tell she thought it was awesome, she loved it. I loved it too, but she loved it openly. What a crazy, novel, and terrifying thing to do, love openly. I wanted to meet her eyes and be like “me too!” with a smile, but she walked off.’

Micah Ingle

Thanks to Micah for permission to share this story, which we love (openly).

Palace Gate Counselling Service, Exeter

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