The Danger of the Monster Myth – Tom Meagher

Click on the title for an astonishing and powerful piece by Tom Meagher – his reflections on the man who raped and murdered his wife, on cultural attitudes to rape and violence, on the ‘monster myth’ and its perils.

His message is a critically important one in our dehumanized, disconnected cultures, filled with casual brutalities of viewpoint, as well as acts of violence.

The fact that HE is able and willing to articulate it, given the circumstances, is awe-inspiring and moving.

A lot of the original comments on this essay take a strongly gender-based – and in some cases somewhat punishing/brutal – perspective. We think this risks missing the point – which is about violence (emotional, psychological, ideological, as well as physical), and how we as cultures accept and perpetuate the ways of seeing that give rise to violence. No-one stands outside this. We are all in it together: man, woman, victim, perpetrator – the very language available to us on such themes is permeated with these ways of seeing. The task is for us all together to take steps to move into/create more enhancing and connected ways of being with ourselves and each other. That’s what Tom is writing about, and we support him in that.

Also put us in mind of the following story in The Guardian a couple of days ago:-

Palace Gate Counselling Service

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