Justina Pelletier: Update

Here’s an update on more recent events, and here is our original post from last year:-


The new article includes a moving/relevant last line in her father’s words:-

“The system has failed,” Lou said. “I am battling the medical world that thinks it knows everything.”

And the pictures of her now, as against a year ago.

Whatever the underlying realities of this case – and we are not close enough to the facts to know – the ‘how’ of what has happened here does not appear helpful, healing or enhancing for anyone.

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3 Responses to Justina Pelletier: Update

  1. N987SA says:

    Mark Korson is no doctor, he is actually a liar, a charlatan, a fraud, and a quack at the best and possibly much worse. His purported tales of ‘dysfunctional mitochondria’ are fake fibs made by him and other ‘medical professionals’ like him. We are helping Justina, nay, we are SAVING Justina. Her mind has become a battlefield and it is under vicious attack by the Warlock Korson, her family, her friends, and her life before us. We will win this MindWar.

    Hail Schäfer! Hail López Rega! Hail Moreno Gonzalez!
    Hail Sendorsee!

    I am N987SA and I speak the Truth.

    • I have published this comment, because philosophically and ethically I would rarely take the decision to exercise a power to suppress someone else’s voice. However I experience the content, tone and the anonymity as toxic in nature. In my personal opinion, the concept of ‘saving’ someone is conceptually and ethically fraught with difficulties (unless you are plucking them from a burning building). In any event, the only possible test for whether you are ‘saving’ someone’ is whether they themselves experience it as ‘saving’. I do not know Justina, so have no knowledge of the answer to that question. I am unlikely to choose to engage in a dialogue with ‘N987SA’, whoever they may be, as it’s not how I want to use my energies. I will not be publishing any further comments of this nature (unless they seem to me to add something relevant or useful).
      Lindsey Talbott, Therapist, Palace Gate Counselling Service

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