Meera Lee Sethi: Are Physicians wired for empathy?

Interesting article dating from last Spring from the magazine for the Massachusetts General Hospital about some recent research by Jean Decety on empathic responses in physicians.

No great surprises here. It’s very clear from repeated client accounts, our own experiences, and any exploration of the subject on Google/elsewhere that many – although by no means all – in the medical model are handier with the technical aspects of what they do than they are at relationship.

Which is a shame, given the evidence around for decades about the healing power of relationship – and given the increased vulnerability and power imbalance that can already exist when someone is engaging with the medical model. It’s good that a hospital magazine is focusing on this issue, and that research is happening.

Thanks (again) to Brent Dean Robbins and the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32, for pointing this out.

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