“I believe that…

“I believe that the central challenge and opportunity of our age is to develop large, synthesizing, and inclusive models which are adequate to the diversity and multidimensional complexity of historical and current experience. Such models will include female as well as male perspectives; imaginative and meditative modes of cognition as well as reason; relationship and connection as well as will and action; altered states of consciousness as well as ordinary experience. Yet heeding the postmodern call, our present search is not for certainty, the irreducible and self evident ground, but for an overarching adequacy — the best story available. An integrative model is judged not by the criteria of truth and falsity but by its adequacy to coherently handle the multidimensional data with which we are so far acquainted. Unlike the ultimate foundational and indubitable principles sought by traditional metaphysics, our principles or metaphors of explanation are not the rock bottom and certain foundation of ‘all that is’ but the circumference of an ever evolving and expanding integrated sum of all experience and knowledge.”

Gerry Goddard

With thanks to Micah Ingle via The Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32’s Facebook Page for this useful quote.

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